June, 24th 2024

How you can collaborate?

We need your co-operation. Helping SSW is easy. You will only need a will to learn and some Chasing nature. If you are reading this, you probably have both!

The MBK (Manual del Buen Kazatormentas- A Fine StormChaser´s Handbook) can help you getting ready for your chasing day; We also offer our E-Mail address (chasers@spainsevereweather.com) for any of your needs or reports. Don´t forget: A good chase must be properly reported, including as much information as possible. A brief foreword, a synoptical report, Satellite and upper level charts, images, etc… all are appreciated. Most important: An attractive text for the reader, with all the passion that you felt when chasing the storm.

All reports must be forwarded to us in WORD format (.doc and .text are welcome). Images and photos must be sent separately, even better if you compress them as a .zip file. Please label your images (as Image 1, Image 2, etc) thus making our Webmasters´work easier.


The following details are a must:

Date and Time
Detailed Location
Type of Weather fact (*)
Detailed description (Charts, text, images… as stated above)
The Author´s details (personal and/or Group)

Any additional information will be appreciated, being those above essential for us at SSW to decide if we have Severe Weather in your report or maybe just not… This is the way you will soon have your report together with the best ones. It´s your time now. Good Luck. We look forward to receiving your reports. Just Chase it!

(*) You can find the different types of Severe Weather here

SSW Team

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